Our 2021 Lent Course Psalms

About These Psalms

The psalms in this booklet were written by members of the Halstead Area Team Ministry Lent Group, in March 2021, during the coronavirus pandemic, when all our church services were being held online. Our Lent course, conducted by The Reverend Katie De Bourcier, Rector of St Andrew’s Halstead, over Zoom, was one of the highlights of dull weeks being spent largely at home, with those in our households or ‘bubbles’.

The headline of our Lent Course, ‘What We See in the Wilderness’, was sublimely appropriate for our situation. In our penultimate session, The Reverend Katie asked us to compose a psalms, so we did, and we read them to each other during the last session. Our psalms lay bare our many different raw emotions during Lent in lockdown... bewilderment... searching for God and our sense of the presence of God... our need for forgiveness and our thankfulness... our wonder... and most of all our love for God.

Rosemary Johnson.    (One of the authors.)

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