• St Andrew's is the parish church for everyone in Halstead.

    Whether you come to worship here regularly, just once or twice a year, or even if you haven't yet been here - this is your church.  We are here to mark the important stages of life with you, through baptisms, weddings and funerals; to help you find out more about the Christian faith, and grow as a Christian; to serve our community through showing God's love in practical ways; and to provide a focus for worshipping God together.  We work closely with the other churches in Halstead, and with other Anglican churches in the villages nearby that make up the Halstead Area Team.  

    We are a friendly bunch, and we'd love to meet you!

    Coming up at  St Andrew's:

    Celebrate Easter with us at St Andrew's - details of services and events are in the Calendar section.

    Why not pop in during the Great Gospel Readathon, all day on Monday 15 April?  Or bring your children or grandchildren to Messy Easter on Easter Saturday, from 3 to 5pm?

    If you're an early bird, how about the Dawn Service at 5.45am on Easter Day?  It's well worth the early start, and breakfast is served in the hall afterwards!

    However you prefer to mark Easter, come and join us as we journey again through the events from Palm Sunday to Easter Day.




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